About the Author

I grew up in a small town as the daughter of a pastor and a teacher, but I think I turned out okay.

After graduating from the Classical Conversations program in 2012, I received my English degree with a minor in political science from Campbell University in 2016. I now work as the assistant editor for Classical Conversations MultiMedia.

I like to think of myself as a wife, aspiring author, champion of justice, lover of dance, and daughter of God.

I don't know what you'll think of me.
Blogging since:  2008

Loves:  words; dancing; working out; Assisi, Italy; Disney World; green mint chocolate chip ice cream; Batman; Converse; spinach; thunderstorms; summertime; dreams {especially nightmares}; and Breaking Bad

Hates:  gray area, driving, liars, Jim Carey, injustice, throwing up, pickles, and the show Ridiculousness

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