Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Real Adventure

I just started dating someone, and the other day, he confessed to me that he's a "sappy romantic."

I have never wanted a sappy romantic. I am a self-professed hopeless unromantic, and emotion of any kind makes me uncomfortable. But ever since he said that, I've been creeping closer and closer to an eye-opening personal revelation:

I always assumed that since I'm not mushy, I should look for someone equally unmushy. But maybe that's a cop-out, you know? In my quest for challenge, I've actually been tackling things that are completely within my comfort zone.

See, usually stretching oneself involves being brazen and dauntless. But for me, maybe it's more of a challenge to be, well, "romantic." Maybe THAT will be the audacious adventure I look for in a relationship.

This guys makes me see a lot of things differently. I love it.



  1. OH YAY!

    i don't think i could be more excited. not to put any pressure on, but dating someone should grow you and stretch you as well as bring comfort. what an exciting adventure to embark on, for sure :)

  2. Thank you! :D I've been trying to write a post on Peripeteia for days, telling about the spring formal we went to and what went down. I've been too busy with school work to do the night justice, but one of these days, I plan to tell all XD

    I'm definitely excited for this growing adventure.

    Thanks again :) I really appreciate all the support you've given me for, like, years now!


  3. Hello Stephanieeee. Just saw your comment on my blog. Thank you so much for that. If I am not wrong, you were one of the teen writers for aiming low, right? :)
    Plus if you want any help regarding your project of India and Pakistan, I would love to help you. Looking forward to interact. I tweet at @missridx or you can email me at miss.ridx@hotmail.com. :)

  4. That sounds so exciting! You know what they say, opposites attract :)